Character artist – Renike
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When It All Synchs Up (Work In Progress)

When seventeen-year-old Aisha begins to feel increasingly numb and isolated at a racially exclusionary ballet boarding school, her mental health suffers leading to her first episode of dissociation. Shaken from the experience, she returns to her hometown of Toronto to visit her BFF/ex-dance partner, Neil. She discovers he’s in hospital with alcohol poisoning.

Aisha resolves to stay with Neil to look out for his sobriety. She auditions and scores a spot at the diverse modern dance program at the public performing arts school that Neil attends. When keeping an eye on his drinking becomes difficult, she enlists the help of Neil’s cute musician friend, Ollie.

Spending more time with Ollie, she’s inspired by how he’s so open about his past trauma through his music, allowing Aisha to let down her guard. This, along with creating her own choreography at school, become ways for her to process her abusive upbringing.

But when Aisha’s estranged mom finds out she quit ballet, she starts a battle of mind games that threaten to push Aisha back into the unhealthy mindset that she’s been fighting to heal from. This begins to have dangerous effects on her mental and physical health. Aisha must find the strength to break free of her mom’s manipulations so she can finally learn to dance to her own beat.

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